Crane operator selection

Crane operator selection

A lot of modern machinery and vehicles are operated and piloted by means of “joy-sticks”. The proper use requires specific operator/driver skills and thus results in a unique and intense training. Assessing the operator/drivers’ potential before launching such an intense and costly training is an absolute must for both employer as well as employee, in fact an indisputable assessment tool for effective and productive use of joysticks is required. Especially for crane-operators the hand-eye-foot coordination is a crucial feature to determine the training path.

It is very important to measure the potential of the candidate equipment-operator, before starting an intensive and expensive training-course, in order to forecast the future ability for his operating capabilities on joy-stick governed equipment.

Global Port Training’s hand-eye-coordination-test immediately analyses and compares the operators’ results by means of a dedicated database. All movements, made by the operator during the test, are measured and recorded meticulously offering ample assessment options.

The time frame in which the test is executed is important, but the amplitude of its correctness provides elements for detailed analysis and insight into the operators/drivers’ potential.

The quest for new and efficient operators/drivers is significantly facilitated by this test.


  • To test the ability of the operator/driver to learn the operation of a machine/vehicle, piloted by “joy-sticks”.
  • To estimate the timeframe of the trainings trajectory of the candidate.
  • To indicate the operator/drivers’ areas of improvement.
  • To surface and indicate the potential invisible added value of the operator/driver.


Combination joysticks and software, measuring all movements of the operator/driver during a wide variation of tests assessing his aptitude and precision.
The results will be compiled and assessed via the database.
The final analysis of the measurements and results will provide a well-founded view of the operator/drivers’ potential as well as possible areas of improvement.

Target audience

  • Operators: Crane (all types: MHC, STS, RTG,…), Straddle Carrier,…

Practical information

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