Selection and Assessment

Selection and Assessment

Selection and assessment means the selection of candidate operators and the objective testing of their skill potential and more specifically, their eye-hand coordination. GPT has developed an assessment system consisting of software and hardware, called C.O.S.T. (Crane Operator Selection Tool). Candidates take a one- hour test using VR goggles and joysticks. The test measures: speed, accuracy, consistency, and results are compared with databases of candidates. The results of the test are a highly reliable basis to determine how much training a candidate needs to achieve a targeted performance level and shows in detail the action points per candidate. For an existing population of operators, the test is used to set a benchmark and to identify action points and improve performance. The test is objective, reliable, true to life and has a high predictive value.

“Objective skill and potential assessment prevents unwanted and costly surprises. After the assessment, we’ll guarantee a fixed price for the training to reach a set performance”

Selection test results

A one-hour test measures the skill potential of a candidate in an objective way. The test is extremely reliable and identifies the action points per individual candidate. Based on the test results, GPT makes fixed-price proposals for training candidates to reach a determined performance level.

“A good result, starts with a good and objective selection. Know the outcome of the training and the final
results, before starting the actual training.”


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