Study department

Study department

To meet all your requirements related to new and existing projects, Global Port Training offers you specialists that can provide the knowledge needed to prepare, elaborate and execute into practice all you projects.
Often it is sufficient to map a project with the necessary expertise and deliver the essential advises and to leave the implementation and execution to the customer. This expertise is offered by the Global Port Training study department. Our professionals, with practical experience, will be happy to consult with you to formulate appropriate proposals in connection with your marine projects.

Our services can explore, among others, the following topics for you:

  • Implementation and optimisation of the rolling equipment on new and/or existing terminals.
  • Advice on training and the implementation of your TOS-system (Terminal Operation System).
  • Optimisation of your operational blue en grey collars on your terminal.
  • Need for (extra) training for your personnel.
  • The mapping of the activities and proposition of productivity increase of these activities.
  • Operational in-take accompanied with a structural plan resulting in the minimisation of the bottlenecks in the process-flow.

Please contact our services to have the Global Port Training study-department carry out a neutral, tailor-made analysis.

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