Reach Stacker 19/02/2024 – 27/02/2024

Reach Stacker

19/02/2024 – 27/02/2024

7 days - € 4550 excl. taxes

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General description of the training

The objectives of the training are to provide the necessary knowledge to operate a Reach stacker in order to handle and move containers in a safe and productive way.

To achieve these objectives, we provide the following training:

  • Reach stacker technical knowledge
  • Reach stacker daily maintenance – pre-use checks
  • Hoist and lower containers in a safe way
  • Special technique to load and stack containers 4 to 5 high
  • Stability, load and centre location
  • Risk management

Training schedule

Theoretical training

  • Legislation and rules
  • Application of reach stacker
  • Pre-use checks
  • Control panel
  • Symbols (safety and operating symbols)
  • Different parts of the reachstacker and accessories
  • Balance and load table

Practical training

  • Operating the reach stacker
  • Control panel
  • Testing the brakes
  • Safety instructions reach stacker
  • Combination driving and using joy stick

Operating the reach stacker

  • Driving a reach stacker
  • Approaching a container
  • Hoisting a container
  • Positioning the spreader
  • Anticipating underground in order to absorb the reach stackers’ movements
  • Turning and moving in a tire-saving way

Pick up – lift – lower containers

  • Positioning of a container in view of stability
  • Safe driving – safety level visibility
  • Stacking containers one high

Positioning containers two and three high

  • Positioning spreader in view of corner pockets (twist locks)
  • Steps of manoeuvring (safety height before side movement or rotation)

Positioning containers four and five high – extra handling

  • Anticipating changed stability of vehicle
  • Anticipating underground before stacking five high
  • Operating the joy stick (alternated handling commands)
  • Anticipating the monkey in the box effect (uneven loaded cargo effect)
  • Safety instructions
  • Combination of handling commands
  • Technical knowledge reach stacker and controls panel
  • Driving in a tire-saving way
  • Rotating containers in the spreader in a safe way


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