The aim of the training is to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to work with a lifting-ramp, in a safe and productive way.

The basic contents are:

  • Train the candidates to responsible of a safety-function, efficient operators, that will act preventative to machine defects and interruptions.
  • To prevent accidents and injuries, damage to environment and goods.
  • To work safely and dynamically



  • To know the contents of a safety function.
  • To know the contents of a working-permit, to interpret and live up to them.
  • To know the basic regulation on the responsibilities of a lifting-ramp operator: the liabilities and responsibilities.
  • To know the inspection requirements of a lifting-ramp.
  • To detect, analyse and control the risks of the equipment and environment.
  • To know the safety procedures: capacity, load, risks for persons and goods.
  • To know the types of lifting-ramps and the terminology on the parts of the equipment (working platform, maximal load, stabilisers, …)
  • Stability, controls of the equipment, signalization
  • Safety and operation checklist
  • Working in the environment of high-voltage power lines
  • Personal Protection Equipment


  • Adapt the safety rules and work accurately.
  • To execute the daily check of the lifting-ramp and report the details.
  • PPE
  • To operate the lifting-ramp (speed, controlling movements,…)
  • To operate the emergency decent-system
  • Parking the equipment
  • Practical exercise

Target audience

All staff that is working with lifting-ramps and aerial platforms.

This training is aimed at both the beginning and experienced operator with a minimum age of 18 years.

The candidate has a safety attitude and a developed responsibility.

A good eye-sight, a perfect hearing and medical qualification is required.

Practical information

  • The training time and location is to be determined together with the customer
  • Time span of the training is 1 day (7hrs.)
  • Maximum allowed trainees per group is 10
  • Each course member has to be at least 18 year
  • All course members receive a certificate

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