Lifting methods and lifting gear

Lifting methods and lifting gear

For all workers who during their daily activities have to hoist and hook up goods, and also for the people in charge. The use of lifting devices requires specific training.

We train the candidates to hook up and move cargo in a correct, responsible and safe way. During the training they will learn to communicate with the operator of the crane or hoisting equipment.


  • Theoretical knowledge on the hoisting factors, the hoisting equipment and the inspection of the hoisting material
  • Practical skills on the correct use of the lifting gear and the correct way to hook up different cargo or loads
  • Communication with the crane operator (radio or signals)

Target audience

For all operators that have to hoist and hook up loads.

Minimum age: 18 years.
The candidate has a safety attitude and a developed responsibility.
Impeccable eye-sight, a perfect hearing and medical qualification is required.

Practical information

  • Where: determined in consultation with client
  • When: at clients convenience
  • Duration:
    • 1 day (basic)
    • 2 days (advanced)
  • Number of trainees: determined in consultation with the client

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