Communication (of safety issues)

Communication (of safety issues)

Communication of safety themes and strategy, is being regarded differently at various levels.

Everyone agrees that the theme is extremely important, but the implementation will differ from company to company.

The experience of the Global Port Training trainers facilitates the communication-process to ensure an exiting and informative training, adapted to the participant’s position, foreknowledge company culture and job content. In this way the training will provide a win-win situation to the company and it’s employees.


  • The target of the course “Communication of safety themes and safety strategy” is to give the delegates a deep insight on their assignment as executive, in correlation with to the communication of safety themes and strategy.
  • The trainees learn to adapt the existing safety-strategy, with the correct interaction, towards the needs of their employees and to communicate it on their level.
  • The participants are acquainted with the communication hierarchy and learn the difference between authority and power, together with the consequences of this towards the communication.
  • The trainees will be able to adapt themselves to the different types of audience and will experiment with different communication styles.

Target audience

All employees in a executive position, that lead fellow employees.

Practical information

  • Place of training: to be determined in co-ordination with the customer.
  • Training’s schedule: to be determined in co-ordination with the customer.
  • Duration: 3 days.
  • Maximal number of trainees: 6 persons

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