Global Port Training selects Blue Gate as trainingcenter

Global Port Training selects Blue Gate as trainingcenter

7 Mar 2023 07:04

Global Port Training selects Blue Gate as trainingcenter

Global Port Training (GPT) collects over 15 years of experience in training port equipment operators globally. They are active in over 140 ports and 70 countries, offering a full spectrum of port machinery, from mobile harbour crane to STS, RTG, RS, TT and ECH in a zero to hero approach.

OST (Operations Survey Team) as sister company specialises in executing port operations for which they have an in-house pool of drivers and port workers for amongst others Empty Container Handlers and bridge cranes thus absorbing daily short term shortages of their clients.

“The synergy between the two sister companies generates a solution to the shortage of specialised employees.”

To ensure further growth of both companies, Global Port Training opened a new location at D’Herbouvillekaai, the Blue Gate project. Bordering the river Scheldt, in the middle of the Blue Gate reconversion site, they purchased a 3000m² terrain where they offer the most of the port related equipment trainings. Candidates have sufficient space and material available for their hands-on training. Under the professional wings of highly experienced trainers, candidates receive an intensive training making them operational employable from the first second. All forklift and small machinery training can be offered on site. GPT is more than mere certification, although they can also meet the demand if required, they deliver candidates that can work in full production as soon as they leave the class room. This unique approach ensures an immediate and universal employability. The perfect location provides a productive surrounding and candidates are just one step from the real, operational work at the clients’ premisses. Classrooms have been tailored for theoretical courses, immersing candidates in all aspects of their machinery.

OST of course is the very first customer to provide its employees with the right training in order to proper servicing their clients. OST executes operational tasks at multiple clients in and outside the port area. They will become the first point of entry for all operational tasks, from forklift driver to crane operator both nationally and internationally. Blue Gate Training Center is open to everyone: port companies, container terminals, inland container terminals, temp agencies, training centres, industry both in Belgium and abroad. Geographically their first scope is Benelux and the North of France.

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