Blue Gate Training Center

Blue Gate Training Center

About us

Blue Gate Training Center transcends the focus on mechanic goals and offers a dynamic learning environment that challenges existing skills levels and accomplishes the training needs of every client.

In a digitalising world, the focus automatically diverts to machine learning, whereas Blue Gate Training Center solidly keeps the human element at its core.  Existing mechanisms are no longer fit for purpose as they are too rigid.

By connecting directly to the natural, positive abilities of every candidate and reacting effectively upon personal assets, self empowered and performant professionals are delivered.

The fundamental new educational approach delivers fully employable operators from the moment they leave the training center.

Located in the Blue Gate Antwerp reconversion zone, Blue Gate Training Center, fully aligns with the eco-efficient waterborne mission.  Blue Gate Training Center implements wholeheartedly the zones’ slogan: “The Future in Mind”.

Innovation as the driving force of human potential.

Blue Gate Training Center

  • builds on the massive practical experience of Global Port Training that provides training and education for port machine operators in over 140 ports globally
  • perfects the hands-on style
  • builds on the natural and positive abilities of each candidate
  • delivers a true tailor made approach
  • offers full spectrum of training modules from forklift to mobile harbour cranes, STS, RTG, RS, TT and ECH
  • innovates constantly to match the new skills’ requirements of new technologies – new fuels – digitalised/automated processes
  • guarantees full employability – candidates step effortless from the training environment into a full production setting

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